Gilda Pro Short Gilda Pro Short, RPH

Gilda Pro Short, RPH


Richardson, TX

Practicing for 14 years


Gilda Pro Short is a Pharmacist in Richardson, Texas. She has 14 years of experience. An individual licensed by the appropriate state regulatory agency to engage in the practice of pharmacy. The practice of pharmacy includes, but is not limited to, assessment, interpretation, evaluation, and implementation, initiation, monitoring or modification of medication and or medical orders; the compounding or dispensing of medication and or medical orders; participation in drug and device procurement, storage, and selection; drug administration; drug regimen reviews; drug or drug-related research; provision of patient education and the provision of those acts or services necessary to provide medication therapy management services in all areas of patient care.

Call (972) 813-3290 to request Gilda Pro Short and more information (Medicare information, help, payment) or to book an appointment.


Health Care License

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PharmacistPrimary License

Basic Data

Gender: Female

Entity Type: Individual; Not answered

  • Code: 183500000X
  • Grouping: Pharmacy Service Providers
  • Classification: Pharmacist


Business Practice Address

1300 E Campbell Rd

Richardson, TX 75081-1937

Phone: (972) 813-3290

Business Mailing Address

7222 Brookcove Ln

Dallas, TX 75214-1946

Phone: (214) 827-3837


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